Winner of the BEST “close, quick & budget-friendly” meal deal

Every time I approached the front door, the universe was working against me! Luckily, it was working for the company, and that is obviously what’s more important! After the 3 phone lines stopped ringing, the 4 friendly walk in customers left and the internal -canyon crew to office- radio chatter stopped, it was time to run across the street and get my slice of pizza! Then, I looked up and the clock’s hour hand was all of a sudden closer to dinner time that I realized, so I quickly decided (before I passed out!)  to get an app of homemade chips and ama-ZING salsa from Sanchez Mexican restaurant instead. It was the perfect “tie me over” treat before my dinner outing. I did, however, check out the size of the slice of pizza I would have gotten had it been 2 hours earlier. Literally, a quarter of an entire pizza for $5…I will definitely go back for a late lunch (opens @ 3pm), or dinner, or a late night midnight craving!