Tyler Hislop’s Jackson Hole

We’d like to believe Tyler moved to Jackson to work for us at Barker-Ewing Whitewater… but, as it turns out, what drew Tyler here was a summer of rocks and a winter of riding. A link to Tyler’s world opens up the kind of adventures that the Tetons bring for many. Here’s one of his entries, also found at http://wanderslog.blogspot.com/.

Yesterday, I completed the Guide’s Wall route on Storm Point in Cascade Canyon with my friend Kevin. If you have been following along, I had been eyeballing this route earlier in the season in hopes of bagging it. Yesterday, we got an early start and took the first boat across Jenny Lake to begin our hike into Cascade Canyon. The weather was very foggy in the morning from the last day’s rains, but the day promised to be warm and sunny. Conditions were perfect for a long day’s climb.

Remember, Guide’s Wall is a mega classic, six pitch, alpine grade II rock climb rated at 5.8 difficulty. The climb was a spectacular success! We were first party on the wall, and encountered only one party below us. Weather was perfect and the climbing was excellent, especially the hand crack variation on pitch five, and pitch six at the top. Upon repelling back to the bottom, we looked forward to the boat ride back across Jenny Lake to follow our hike out. My kind of mechanized climbing!

-Tyler Hislop