Online reservations… up & running for this summer!

I have been doing my own online searching for a great place to stay when I go to my friend’s wedding in Phoenix this spring.  In my perfect world, I’d like to stay somewhere convenient to the wedding yet in a cool neighborhood, inexpensive yet with nice amenities, quiet yet with a fun atmosphere.  Hmmm… maybe it’s too much to ask?  As I search online, I’ve actually found a couple places that could work.  My favorite based on the above criteria, however, had a reservation system far from quick, easy and intuitive. Uggghhh.

Maybe you’re in vacation planning mode too… it seems as though summer vacation planning alway starts around the holidays when we all have some time off!  As for me, I will continue my search for the perfect wedding weekend getaway room.  Hopefully, you’ll find our online booking process a little more user-friendly and efficient!  Truly, who needs more on their plate over the holidays?  Not me!