Off Season… but not Slow Season! Barker-Ewing River Trips

The season is complete! Everyone is going different directions… but which way? 5 BERT guides, 1 BTNF river ranger, 1 BERT office manager, 1 former BERT guide, 1 former BERT operations manager and a few “related” to the river family will be taking off at approximately 7:30am (if all goes as planned!) from Jackson to the Salmon River for a 7-day, 80-mile trip on the Main Salmon. We are leaving behind 3 BERT managers: 1 who is currently floating the Green River; 1 who is teaching a ceramics class at the Art Center; and 1 who is packing for a trip to Kenya! So, we are busy, even in the off season! Enjoy your week while I’m away, but stay tuned for my Salmon River rafting experience – it’s my first multi day, and I can’t wait! Signed, the overly-excited, river-happy Christa