My Wild Water Experience… Part II

I was feeling very confident as I walked away from our Scenic Float trip. My next point of interest would be to conquer the white water… dun dun dun. For stability and reassurance purposes, I decided it would be best to bring along my friend Brant. I was not going to go alone. As I stood there waiting for the life-vest distribution, with the water running several feet away, I cannot deny that I had a very high level of stress running through me. I took in all seriousness the way our guide instructed us to hold the paddle… I only almost dropped it twice. Like I had said previously, being in a raft in the middle of a river has never appealed to me before. Going through the first set of rapids, I was thinking of every way possible of myself getting back in the raft if I had in fact fallen out. I made it through. I then noticed the gaping smile that I had plastered on my face. I was definitely having fun! I was then ready for some real action. Coming up to Big Kahuna, I felt ready. As we hit it straight on, my paddling stopped as I was engulfed with water. I was soaked, but totally proud of myself for defeating yet another fear of mine.

My piece of advice: GO RAFTING!!!  -Emily Ming