My feelings about the 13-mile scenic dinner float… Part I


I’ve never been a fan of the water. Ironically, I’m now working for a river rafting company! I had been working for Barker-Ewing for a month, but I had not yet mustered up the courage to actually go on one of the trips. I often blamed it on my sensitivity to the cold water since I am originally from Sunny California. As the days went on, I knew it was time for me to go. Believe me, I was definately a skeptic about placing myself in a raft on moving water, but I did it anyway. The first five minutes were stressful since I had no idea what to expect. But as the trip went on, I found myself really enjoyng it. Going through all of the beautiful scenery, I was able to see several bald eagles, which was definately a highlight since I had never seen one before. The 13 miles were gorgeous, but one of the most exciting things for me was the food that came after. I firmly believe in a good meal after a long trip! Overall, the trip was wonderful and I overcame my river-water fears. I believe now that I am ready to move up to a Whitewater Adventure!!

– Emily Ming, Happy Reservationist