Looking back and looking forward…

At the wrap up of each river year, I take pause to reflect on all of the gifts of the year coming to a close and to the budding goodness of the coming year.

March 25, 2009, legislation was passed to add 387.5 miles of the Snake River and its tributaries in Wyoming to the Wild & Scenic Rivers Act of 1968. A HUGE thank you to our community members, family members and local non-profits who fought so hard for this both locally and nationally. I am very proud of my family’s involvement in this from the beginning. Way to see it through!

May 23, 2009 marked the start of the Ewing family’s 47th year of  running river trips on the Snake River, since originating commercial river trips here in the Jackson Hole valley. WOW! This year with an added bonus of an exclusive launch at the historic Snake River Ranch… truly a privilege.

May 29- 31, 2009, Snake River Fund organized the annual Summit on the Snake, Snake River Clean-Up and Film Festival and had record level attendance since its beginnings 11 years ago. I am honored to be an active participating member of the Snake River Fund and congratulations to everyone that helped host and bring together such a special event!

June 2009, HIGH WATER again! A late spring, rainy June, and extra release at Jackson Lake Dam made for another exceptionally high water year. A huge thank you and high five to my crew for running so many exhilarating trips while keeping our safety record shining. You all are invaluable!

July 24, 2009, we hosted our annual Legends of the Snake evening, giving tribute to the pioneers of the Snake River. Among them are my parents, Frank and Patty Ewing; you are the coolest parents ever!

September 12, 2009 marked the end of our 47th year on the water. Another year of an outstanding crew and a safe, successful season!

December 2009, crew is starting to inquire about the upcoming season. I’m looking forward to everyone’s return!

Today, 2010 is on the books and reservations are starting to roll in! May 21,2010 begins our 48th year on the Snake!

Sincere thanks, Heather Ewing