Latest website faves.

It looks as though the blogging hiatus has come to an end. Sorry to any of you unfailing followers who keep an eye on us! Maybe 1,  2 of you? Well, we will try to be better about staying on top of our game… or at least our blog.

This will be a fairly short list, but these are the websites I tend to click on when I first turn my computer on, or right before I shut it down. I’m a little behind the time on this first one, since I’ve been in Jackson for 6 years now. I’m working on it! So, Steep & Cheap. The website, A favorite for outdoor enthusiasts, gear heads and good, old-fashioned bargain shoppers! Their motto is “One killer deal, one item at a time until it’s gone.”  They aren’t kiddin’. Anywhere from 55 – 75% off is not unusual! If you’re more a tech junkie, try I’ve just been introduced, and I like what I see so far. How about The Pioneer Woman? Anyone? “Blog of the Year” some year not so long ago! Not only is Ree Drummond a clever writer with stories of a fairytale-liking, she has brilliant giveaways too. Who doesn’t want a shot at a big, beautiful KitchenAid mixer?! To quote Ree: “I loved the city. Then I fell in love with a cowboy. Read my Green Acres-meets-Harlequin Romance love story. It’ll make your heart go pitter-pat.” Check it out at

Well, I just thought I’d pass along the good reads and the great deals. Have fun out there!