Traveling with Heather Ewing

It is good to get away, and it is good to come home…

Winters can be a bit long lasting here in Jackson, so generally speaking, we all try and find some time South of the 43rd parallel for a little bigger dose of Vitamin K. This year, a road trip to Mexico was in the plans.  Armed with information, bear spray, and of course my guard dog, Rosie, (Rosie is my co-dependent German Shepherd I adopted 5 years ago.  If you join us on a river trip, you will likely meet her, the “bark” of Barker-Ewing) we were off in our van for a few weeks of fun!

Rosie and the van

We traveled through Sonora, Chihuahua, Durango, Sinaloa, Jalisco and Nayarit, all very beautiful and diverse states within Mexico.  Some of the highlights were hiking in rugged Copper Canyon, driving for entire days and only actually make it 150 miles because the roads are so curvy in the Sierra Madres,  the landscapes of Chihuahua, surfing in warm water in Nayarit, whale watching, Blue Booted Boobies, climbing, and of course, sunshine and flip flops.  In total, we traveled about 5500 miles round-trip!

Blue Footed Boobie

Having driven as far South as the 21st parallel, and come home again, I am reminded what a lucky girl I am to call Jackson Hole home.  We had 44 degree mornings recently, which aided in the ever wonderful sound of snow melting.  Birds are becoming more active and Southern slopes are starting to show terra firma.  A combination of the people and the place, I am reminded what a magical valley this is.  It is this time of year with the hints of warm weather to come that I cannot wait for summer!  In the interim, there is plenty of work and play gearing up for the great rafting season that awaits!