Closing day at the Village

Closing Day at the Village!

It was not the last day of skiing for many, but it was for me…  I was born in the summer, and I live for the summer!   But, I did go with the flow and dress up for the occasion, because truly, what fun would it be to ski Jackson Hole without gold pants on?!  My outfit (and celebration antics) were tame compared to the hundreds of clever skiers I saw that warm, blue bird day.  

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort’s brand new aerial tram survived its first winter and lives to tell the stories to anyone who jumps on board this summer.  Summer…ahhhh!  It’s right around the corner.  We are in full swing in the office and can’t wait for the season to begin!  I love the river, and if I have to live through an unbelievably snowy Jackson winter to enjoy all the rapids to come, so be it!