Legends of the Snake

This summer’s annual Legends of the Snake event kicks off tomorrow afternoon with a float trip in Grand Teton National Park, and ends with an evening of food and festivities at Dornan’s. Jackson Hole pioneers of the rafting and fishing industry will take to the oars and tell stories of this valley’s river running history… maybe even mix in a few stories of their own personal trips down the Snake! This year’s lineup features former U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Director John Turner, Jack Dennis, Frank Ewing, Charlie Sands, Dick Barker, Bill Guheen, Dave Hansen and many more.

Emily Ming, new office chica!

Emily Ming, new BERT office chica and happy to be here! The beauty of Jackson Hole and my love of photography is the perfect fit. Come fall, I’ll be pursuing a degree in Graphic Design and Digital Media. Another true love, java chip frappuccinos from Starbucks!

BERT ladies go hiking with The Hole Hiking Experience!


  • the bark of the aspen tree is your backup plan if you run out of sunscreen…  it’s spf 5!
  • reindeer lichen is a coagulant if you don’t have gauze, packing or bandaids on the trail!
  • mint leaves, dandelions and violets are a good source of vitamins if you run out of snacks!
  • conifer needles make for great a tea flavor if you’re thirsty or it’s cold out!

PLEASE do not try any of the above if you are not absolutely positive what you are touching, eating or drinking!  Some plants may not be what you think they are (and even be poisonous or deadly), so be careful out there!

Mersadee Lulay… or is she? Congrats on your marriage!

Mersadee Lulay, our Food and Beverage rockstar, just got married! Lots of Barker-Ewing staff danced the night away at her and her husband Matty’s reception on Saturday night! Thanks for including us all in your celebration… cheers to a happy life together! Above, Mersadee’s mom helped prep for a big scenic lunch float last week. Twins!

Natalie, office diva extraordinaire, is back for more!

Natalie Connell, Office Chica (that’s snow under me!) back for a second summer with Barker-Ewing! Still loving Jackson Hole and enjoying the biking, snowboarding, hiking, rafting, and awesome people. Looking forward to a great season and getting married this summer!


Christa’s first whitewater adventure!

The Johnson's Whitewater Trip

I was 11 years old, looked like a boy and had no fashion sense.  I was on a 5,000 mile roadtrip West from Georgia with my family.  We hit everything from the Alamo in San Antonio (Dad’s favorite), to Rocky Mountain National Park where I celebrated my 11th birthday (and got a walkman!), to Santa Fe’s open air markets full of turquoise…finally landing in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  To this day, my Mom’s favorite place in the world.

The oldest of four, I was the only one that went whitewater rafting on the Snake River.  I’d broken my arm the day before our roadtrip, so my Dad wrapped my cast in plastic, the guides did their safety spiel, we bundled up as it was a cooler day and took to the rapids!  The photo was captured that day…and it did not reveal itself again (thanks to my Mom’s belated photo organizing project) until last year.

I’ve lived in Jackson Hole for 7 years now and have worked for Barker-Ewing the last 3.  Little did I know, until this photo appeared, that I went whitewater rafting on the Snake, with the very company I now work for, 21 years later.  It’s a small world! Jackson is the place I now call home…and a great excuse for my family to HAVE to visit Jackson Hole, the Tetons and the Snake River.