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We’re spreading the love… it is Valentine’s Day after all. Follow us on Twitter or become our fan on Facebook, and you’ll continue seeing deals, giveaways and even complimentary river trips. Use them yourself… or give them as a gift! If  you love the river and you’re planning a vacation to Jackson Hole this summer, stay tuned later today on Facebook and Twitter. We will have a 2 for 1 Valentine’s Day Special… buy 1 Scenic or Whitewater trip, get a second one free!

*Whitewater in our standard 14-man raft; Breakfast Combo and Overnight excluded.


“Be Ours” Valentine Special

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Do you love the river like we do?

Book online and enter the Promo Code iLOVErafting (case sensitive) during the reservation process, and receive $5 off per person on the river trip of your choice. Feel free to call us and mention the code as well. Happy Valentine’s!

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Avatar in 3-D

It’s kind of like the high you get when you plunge through a big rapid!  Ok, kind of a stretch… but not really.  Go see Avatar while it’s still in the theater.  You will not be sorry. The story is enough to make you feel inspired, with our without 3-D. Add the CGI, the 3-D effect and the costume/character design of the natives, and you walk away feeling like you never have before.

Signed, the eager to see it again Christa

Happy New Year discount if you book now!

Holidays are always a bit of a… burr… and blur!  Safe to say, I have officially survived yet another holiday season, although at times it seemed I might sink rather than swim.  All in all, a famously fun, festive month amidst the chaos and confusion.  I talked to my mom today, and she finally got her Christmas wish – a day in her pajamas sipping coffee by the fire with a book – looking forward to an evening in her pajamas with a glass of wine by the fire watching a movie.  Ahhhh, since our Thanksgiving family frenzy planning began, she has looked forward to this day.  Enjoy, mom!

Anyone out there know what I’m talking about?  Well, I hope you get some much anticipated R&R after your whirlwind holiday too.  Then… if you find yourself in summer vacation planning mode, think about us!  Truly, what is a trip to Jackson Hole without a trip on the Snake River?  Don’t miss out on our Happy New Year discount – simply  book online and use the Promo Code hahahaPPYNEWYEAR (case sensitive) during the reservation process, and get $5 off per person on the river trip of your choice.  Feel free to call us too, but don’t forget to mention the Promo Code.

Happy New Year!  The back to work and grateful for it, Christa

HoHoHoliday Discount

Who loves the holidays?  And who doesn’t love a deal?  If you’re thinking about a trip to Jackson Hole, stop thinking and start planning!  No vacation is complete without a river trip on the Snake!  Book online and use the Promo Code HoHoHoYOURBOAT (case sensitive) during the reservation process, and get $5 off per person on the river trip of your choice.  Feel free to call us too, but don’t forget to mention the Promo Code.  Happy Holidays from everyone at Barker-Ewing!  Cheers, Christa the discount delivery girl

Thank you, thank you, thank you…

Our  clients, for your continued confidence in us as you return for another trip, send your friends and even bring your grandchildren to experience the Snake River. We are honored!

Snake River Fund, I am privileged to serve on this board and proud of all we continue to do for our Snake River and its users!

Bridger-Teton National Forest, for your continued dedication to our public lands we all enjoy!

Barker-Ewing River Trips staff, without you, we would not be the company we are!

Rosie Ewing, the Bark of Barker-Ewing, my furry shadow and mascot for my team!

Signed, the luckiest girl around, second generation outfitter and Wyomingite, native Jacksonite, daughter, community member, owner and manager, Heather Ewing

Looking back and looking forward…

At the wrap up of each river year, I take pause to reflect on all of the gifts of the year coming to a close and to the budding goodness of the coming year.

March 25, 2009, legislation was passed to add 387.5 miles of the Snake River and its tributaries in Wyoming to the Wild & Scenic Rivers Act of 1968. A HUGE thank you to our community members, family members and local non-profits who fought so hard for this both locally and nationally. I am very proud of my family’s involvement in this from the beginning. Way to see it through!

May 23, 2009 marked the start of the Ewing family’s 47th year of  running river trips on the Snake River, since originating commercial river trips here in the Jackson Hole valley. WOW! This year with an added bonus of an exclusive launch at the historic Snake River Ranch… truly a privilege.

May 29- 31, 2009, Snake River Fund organized the annual Summit on the Snake, Snake River Clean-Up and Film Festival and had record level attendance since its beginnings 11 years ago. I am honored to be an active participating member of the Snake River Fund and congratulations to everyone that helped host and bring together such a special event!

June 2009, HIGH WATER again! A late spring, rainy June, and extra release at Jackson Lake Dam made for another exceptionally high water year. A huge thank you and high five to my crew for running so many exhilarating trips while keeping our safety record shining. You all are invaluable!

July 24, 2009, we hosted our annual Legends of the Snake evening, giving tribute to the pioneers of the Snake River. Among them are my parents, Frank and Patty Ewing; you are the coolest parents ever!

September 12, 2009 marked the end of our 47th year on the water. Another year of an outstanding crew and a safe, successful season!

December 2009, crew is starting to inquire about the upcoming season. I’m looking forward to everyone’s return!

Today, 2010 is on the books and reservations are starting to roll in! May 21,2010 begins our 48th year on the Snake!

Sincere thanks, Heather Ewing

Congratulations to Aaron Feurerstein for being our Gobble winner!

Thanks to everyone for participating in our Thanksgiving giveaway!  Aaron Feurerstein is the official winner of two river trips with us this summer!  Aaron, we’ll see you on the Snake… we’re excited you’ll be floating and eating with us this summer.  Hopefully, you’ll have your appetite back after a fun & filling Thanksgiving!

Check out Facebook or Twitter for our Thanksgiving giveaway later today!

Fall, football and… food! I, personally, am thankful for all three, especially on Thanksgiving Day. Since this is the season of giving thanks, we at Barker-Ewing River Trips would like to thank you for your support, your business and your love of the Snake River!

Follow us on Twitter or become our fan on Facebook, and you’ll start to see some deals, giveaways, even complimentary river trips! Use them yourself… or give them as a gift! To kick everything off, we are giving away two river trips. Since it is Thanksgiving, and who doesn’t love food, how about either two 16-mile Breakfast Combos or two 13-mile Teton Views Dinner Floats!

Check out Facebook or Twitter for our Thanksgiving giveaway later today!

Happy Thanksgiving!  She who’s eager to eat, Christa

Online reservations… up & running for this summer!

I have been doing my own online searching for a great place to stay when I go to my friend’s wedding in Phoenix this spring.  In my perfect world, I’d like to stay somewhere convenient to the wedding yet in a cool neighborhood, inexpensive yet with nice amenities, quiet yet with a fun atmosphere.  Hmmm… maybe it’s too much to ask?  As I search online, I’ve actually found a couple places that could work.  My favorite based on the above criteria, however, had a reservation system far from quick, easy and intuitive. Uggghhh.

Maybe you’re in vacation planning mode too… it seems as though summer vacation planning alway starts around the holidays when we all have some time off!  As for me, I will continue my search for the perfect wedding weekend getaway room.  Hopefully, you’ll find our online booking process a little more user-friendly and efficient!  Truly, who needs more on their plate over the holidays?  Not me!