Natalie, office diva extraordinaire, is back for more!

Natalie Connell, Office Chica (that’s snow under me!) back for a second summer with Barker-Ewing! Still loving Jackson Hole and enjoying the biking, snowboarding, hiking, rafting, and awesome people. Looking forward to a great season and getting married this summer!


Rachel Springman joins our rock star staff!

New office diva: My name is Rachel Springman, and I am originally from Nashville, TN. I have had the pleasure of living in Teton Valley for a little over two years now! Before moving, here I enjoyed the beach life, leading SCUBA trips and working in Costa Rica’s National Parks on sea turtle conservation projects. I thought I would be an ocean girl for life until I took a ski vacation to Jackson. The snow filled winters and the beautiful summers have me hooked! I will be attending Teton Science School’s graduate program this fall, but until then, I am looking forward to some good times on the river! Come on out!

Cinqo de Mayo Giveaway!

Buy 1 Whitewater or Scenic river trip, get 1 free! First to call 800.448.4202 and mention Cinqo de Mayo wins. Leave a message if we miss your call. Cheers! Breakfast Combo & Overnight excluded.

It’s river time… almost!

Rafts are inflated, but the weather is deflating all of our spirits! Don’t worry… we have ordered sunshine and blue skies for our opening weekend on Saturday, May 22! The spring outfitter meeting for all Snake River Canyon trips was yesterday. Our scenic riverside camp for our meal trips sprung up today. Our overnight and breakfast combo riverside camp will be up next! Things are moving right along. We are so excited for some river time on the Snake!

Empowerment: a powerful word. A powerful workshop.


Coming this June in Jackson Hole. This four-day intensive gives you the opportunity to explore your untapped potential through awareness, presence and peace. Cathy Shill, owner of The Hole Hiking Experience in Jackson, is co-leading the event with leadership trainer and coach, Angela Sebaly. The dates are June 10-13. Time will be spent in nature, share with daily interactive workshops, and will give participants the opportunity to learn more about themselves and the universal support found outdoors. A Life is grounded and peaceful when you balance your emotional, mental and spiritual energy. If you would like more information, please contact Cathy Shill at 307.690.4453.

10% off Spring Special is back!

Simply enter the promo code BEoutdoors2010 (case sensitive) during the online booking process, or mention the code when you call.  Good for all of our river trips!


Newest office diva to join BERT: Cynthia Thorburn’s story


Cynthia Thorburn, newest BERT reservationist: I was in 8th grade when my family came out to Jackson for a summer vacation. As you can imagine, as a 12 year old, any ideas my parents had were “not cool.” So, when they told us that we were going to go whitewater rafting …I was skeptical. They had signed us all up to go on an overnight, dinner/breakfast trip with Barker-Ewing. I remember having to wake up “early” to start our trip (and I am by no means a “morning person”) so, by the time we got into the boats I was ready to go back to bed and convinced myself that I was not going to have any fun. I was so WRONG! After about 3 minutes on the river I had seen more wildlife than I think I had ever seen. Then, we started the whitewater portion of the trip and, even though I didn’t want to admit it, the smile on my face was a dead give away that I was having SO much fun. The smile might also have had something to do with the fact that my little brother had just gotten completely soaked by a wave at the front of the boat haha! Just as I was starting to get hungry (which happens a lot!) we pulled up to the camp sight and they had the camp fire going and steaks on the grill, we roasted marshmallows and told stories until we were tired. I slept like a baby that night and then woke up to the smell of pancakes and a bonfire and a view of the snake river. I thought maybe I was still dreaming!?  After stuffing our faces with pancakes we jumped back in the boats and continued down the Snake River. It was definitely one of the best trips I have done with my family. If Barker-Ewing Raft Trips could impress me at 13 when I thought nothing could impress me, I’d say its worth doing again. Therefore, when I started looking for a summer job, Barker- Ewing was the first place I applied …and here I am! I am definitely going to do an overnight trip again this summer… as long as there are pancakes in the morning. 🙂

10% off Spring Special through April 15th. Book Now!

Our Spring Special is coming to a close soon! Book by April 15th to receive 10% off all river trips. You can easily book online or call us directly. Use the promo code BEspecial2010 (case sensitive) during the reservation process to receive your discount.


Wilson Bridge & SPET public meeting tonight

Tonight, there’s a public meeting to discuss the proposed use of SPET (specific-purpose excise tax) to pay for Wilson Bridge Rec Area improvements. Barker-Ewing River Trips will be there in favor. Hope to see the community represent tonight. For more details on what, when, where, etc., go to


Latest website faves.

It looks as though the blogging hiatus has come to an end. Sorry to any of you unfailing followers who keep an eye on us! Maybe 1,  2 of you? Well, we will try to be better about staying on top of our game… or at least our blog.

This will be a fairly short list, but these are the websites I tend to click on when I first turn my computer on, or right before I shut it down. I’m a little behind the time on this first one, since I’ve been in Jackson for 6 years now. I’m working on it! So, Steep & Cheap. The website, A favorite for outdoor enthusiasts, gear heads and good, old-fashioned bargain shoppers! Their motto is “One killer deal, one item at a time until it’s gone.”  They aren’t kiddin’. Anywhere from 55 – 75% off is not unusual! If you’re more a tech junkie, try I’ve just been introduced, and I like what I see so far. How about The Pioneer Woman? Anyone? “Blog of the Year” some year not so long ago! Not only is Ree Drummond a clever writer with stories of a fairytale-liking, she has brilliant giveaways too. Who doesn’t want a shot at a big, beautiful KitchenAid mixer?! To quote Ree: “I loved the city. Then I fell in love with a cowboy. Read my Green Acres-meets-Harlequin Romance love story. It’ll make your heart go pitter-pat.” Check it out at

Well, I just thought I’d pass along the good reads and the great deals. Have fun out there!