A view of the Snake River Canyon in winter



Ferry Peak is the southern most peak in the Snake River Range and sits at approximately 10,000 ft. with 360 views of surrounding valleys.  Last weekend, in the spirit of spring, we decided to give this classic spring ski a go.  For the first hour, you are still in the trees as you gain access to the ridge that will meander to the summit.

Once we hit that ridge and the sun started to  poke through, I could not help but smile and  be so incredibly grateful that this amazing  place was just designated as Wild & Scenic.  A huge undertaking and a great success.    We live in such an amazing place!

Of course, in the 5am departure from  Jackson to head out for this ski, I forgot my  camera.  Probably for the first time ever, I  was happy to have the camera on my cell  phone.  While the pictures aren’t great,  hopefully it will provide a brief glimpse of  the Snake River Canyon in winter.   I will try  and do a summer hike, with my camera 🙂  and post some pictures of the hills draped in  green and wildflowers for comparison!

Picture if you will, us following Mountain Goat tracks (yup, they are abundant down here) along the ridge and seeing them perched on the various rock outcrops!  A truly spectacular sight!  And to think I had only previously seen them while on the water…sorry my cell phone just doesn’t have that great of a zoom.

Once to the top, and a quick bite to eat, it is all smiles as we ski back down to the valley we so love below.