What do you DO for a whitewater company in the winter?

Hands down, the #1 question we get asked all winter long is “What do you do for a whitewater rafting company in the winter?” Sometimes, I just answer “I’m a kindergarten teacher” because, while I could never do that job due to its necessity of endless patience, endless creativity and endless energy, most people understand the general concept of a day with 6 year olds. Exhilarating, inspiring and… exhausting. Well done, teachers!

But… back to my point! I never imagined what goes into preparing for a 4-month summer season the other 8 months of the year until I worked for Barker-Ewing Whitewater! Vehicles, insurance, contracts, food & beverage, interviewing, hiring, training, purchasing retail, marketing, advertising sales, website and brochure designs, social media, decisions on trips, prices, schedules, book reservations, set up the boathouse, the reservation office, the trip check-in office, meetings galore and so much more… all in all, makethis year better than the last, each and every year!

We are officially open for business for summer 2012, so give us a call!