Likening the Office Managers to Ice Cream

A Trite Allegory: Likening the Office Managers to Ice Cream

All three of the office managers have a uniqueness to them, which blends their strengths and abilities – each a compliment to the other. Their combination could almost be compared to Neapolitan ice cream. Heather is chocolate because she is tough, the boss (and let’s be honest, chocolate is definitely boss) and also because she is probably the darkest (in terms of skin color). Christa is vanilla, consistent and reliable, sweet and gentle. Janet is strawberry, quirky and fun-loving, charming the customers over with her fruity appeal. However, none of them melt under pressure, but keep up their hard work day in and day out to make this company what it is!!

Thank you Office Managers!  -Marie Cudd

Brent Schaap, back for more with B-E!

Was Brent your guide this summer? He’s our #1 mentioned Barker-Ewing employee in TripAdvisor reviews this year, so if you haven’t taken your trip yet…

“My trips down the Snake River began 28 years ago with a family rafting trip.  I’ve been hooked ever since!  Born and raised in South Dakota, I have always had a love for the outdoors.  This is my third year with Barker Ewing. When I’m not guiding rafts down the Snake, I’m guiding hunting and snowmobiling trips in Jackson Hole and Yellowstone!”

Perhaps you’ll come back to visit Brent this winter!

Liza McLellan’s favorite trip down the Snake

The first staff story of the season comes from Liza, Check-in & Reservations Rock Star!

“My favorite trip of the season so far was the breakfast combo that a group of us ladies went on in early June!  We left early to do the scenic float trip, and I was pleasantly surprised at all the facts I soaked in (no pun intended) that our guides shared about the wildlife and the river!  Then, we had a great breakfast and floated across the river to get ready for the whitewater rafting!  We hit some good rapids and had a blast with all our co-workers turn friends… even got a little sunburn!  It was a great day on the river, and I cannot wait to do it again soon! Here’s a link to the pic… and to our Facebook page!”