My feelings about the 13-mile scenic dinner float… Part I


I’ve never been a fan of the water. Ironically, I’m now working for a river rafting company! I had been working for Barker-Ewing for a month, but I had not yet mustered up the courage to actually go on one of the trips. I often blamed it on my sensitivity to the cold water since I am originally from Sunny California. As the days went on, I knew it was time for me to go. Believe me, I was definately a skeptic about placing myself in a raft on moving water, but I did it anyway. The first five minutes were stressful since I had no idea what to expect. But as the trip went on, I found myself really enjoyng it. Going through all of the beautiful scenery, I was able to see several bald eagles, which was definately a highlight since I had never seen one before. The 13 miles were gorgeous, but one of the most exciting things for me was the food that came after. I firmly believe in a good meal after a long trip! Overall, the trip was wonderful and I overcame my river-water fears. I believe now that I am ready to move up to a Whitewater Adventure!!

– Emily Ming, Happy Reservationist


Legends of the Snake

This summer’s annual Legends of the Snake event kicks off tomorrow afternoon with a float trip in Grand Teton National Park, and ends with an evening of food and festivities at Dornan’s. Jackson Hole pioneers of the rafting and fishing industry will take to the oars and tell stories of this valley’s river running history… maybe even mix in a few stories of their own personal trips down the Snake! This year’s lineup features former U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Director John Turner, Jack Dennis, Frank Ewing, Charlie Sands, Dick Barker, Bill Guheen, Dave Hansen and many more.