10% off Olympic Discount as long as the games go on!

Barker-Ewing by day… Olympics by night!  Kudos to all the athletes competing in Vancouver.  Our eyes are glued to the television in awe!  We’re continually impressed by all of the feats that take place and send positive vibes to those still waiting to go for the Gold!  In honor of the Olympics, we are offering a 10% off Olympic Discount through the Closing Ceremony on Sunday, February 28th.  Simply enter the promo code VANcouver2010 (case sensitive) during the booking process to receive the discount.     

Deals, Giveaways & Complimentary River Trips!

We’re spreading the love… it is Valentine’s Day after all. Follow us on Twitter or become our fan on Facebook, and you’ll continue seeing deals, giveaways and even complimentary river trips. Use them yourself… or give them as a gift! If  you love the river and you’re planning a vacation to Jackson Hole this summer, stay tuned later today on Facebook and Twitter. We will have a 2 for 1 Valentine’s Day Special… buy 1 Scenic or Whitewater trip, get a second one free!

*Whitewater in our standard 14-man raft; Breakfast Combo and Overnight excluded.


“Be Ours” Valentine Special

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Do you love the river like we do?

Book online and enter the Promo Code iLOVErafting (case sensitive) during the reservation process, and receive $5 off per person on the river trip of your choice. Feel free to call us and mention the code as well. Happy Valentine’s!

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Avatar in 3-D

It’s kind of like the high you get when you plunge through a big rapid!  Ok, kind of a stretch… but not really.  Go see Avatar while it’s still in the theater.  You will not be sorry. The story is enough to make you feel inspired, with our without 3-D. Add the CGI, the 3-D effect and the costume/character design of the natives, and you walk away feeling like you never have before.

Signed, the eager to see it again Christa