Off Season… but not Slow Season! Barker-Ewing River Trips

The season is complete! Everyone is going different directions… but which way? 5 BERT guides, 1 BTNF river ranger, 1 BERT office manager, 1 former BERT guide, 1 former BERT operations manager and a few “related” to the river family will be taking off at approximately 7:30am (if all goes as planned!) from Jackson to the Salmon River for a 7-day, 80-mile trip on the Main Salmon. We are leaving behind 3 BERT managers: 1 who is currently floating the Green River; 1 who is teaching a ceramics class at the Art Center; and 1 who is packing for a trip to Kenya! So, we are busy, even in the off season! Enjoy your week while I’m away, but stay tuned for my Salmon River rafting experience – it’s my first multi day, and I can’t wait! Signed, the overly-excited, river-happy Christa

Winner of the BEST “close, quick & budget-friendly” meal deal

Every time I approached the front door, the universe was working against me! Luckily, it was working for the company, and that is obviously what’s more important! After the 3 phone lines stopped ringing, the 4 friendly walk in customers left and the internal -canyon crew to office- radio chatter stopped, it was time to run across the street and get my slice of pizza! Then, I looked up and the clock’s hour hand was all of a sudden closer to dinner time that I realized, so I quickly decided (before I passed out!)  to get an app of homemade chips and ama-ZING salsa from Sanchez Mexican restaurant instead. It was the perfect “tie me over” treat before my dinner outing. I did, however, check out the size of the slice of pizza I would have gotten had it been 2 hours earlier. Literally, a quarter of an entire pizza for $5…I will definitely go back for a late lunch (opens @ 3pm), or dinner, or a late night midnight craving!

The question that each office staff ponders everyday…


What should I eat today?

There have always been a few no-brainers that are tasty, budget-friendly and close therefore easy to pick up and go for those busy office days on the Town Square – D.O.G. breakfast burrito $5 right across the street – Pearl Street Bagels bagel sandwich $5 just down 2 blocks – Bill’s Burgers big, fat burger $6 around the corner – but the variety for those of us on a budget…

Sure, there are other options, but they are either dine in or dine in prices! I take a little of that back. Backcountry Provisions for a hearty sandwich but only budget-friendly if you split it (then you have to fight over the pickle!) Sweetwater for a variety of delicious-ness but at least $10 when you walk out of there. Same with Silver Dollar Bar & Grill and Shade’s Cafe. All places that I love that are close to the Town Square, but just a little more than I want to spend and more sit down than pick up!

Can Jackson get the walk in Gyro joint for $5? Or a burrito for less than $8 – it’s beans, rice & cheese! (for $4.50, Missoula has an amazing fish burrito!) How about Thai for less than $12, a sandwich for less than $7.50, BBQ for $8 that includes hush puppies and brunswick stew or Indian at all?!

Ok, Cafe Ponza does have pizza by the slice right across the street, so maybe that is where I’ll go today. I’ll let you know what I think! Signed, a one starving Christa