Legends of the Snake

LEGENDS OF THE SNAKE…stories and photos galore!

The Legends of the Snake becomes more legendary every year!  2009 marked our 5th trip, with over 100 participants to attend the the celebration of the Snake River Fund and our recent success with the Wild & Scenic designation   The Legends included many of the pioneers of the rafting and fly fishing industry in Jackson Hole: Jack Dennis, Frank Ewing, Charlie Sands, John Simms, Denny Becker, Paul Bruun, Dick Barker, Bill Guheen and Wayne Johnson.  In addition to the many volunteers that helped make this evening happen, a big thank you to our two big sponsors, Jackson Whole Grocer and Patagonia.

The following faces are all people and moments that are true to the heart…magic in every one of them!  I look forward to next year!  As the photos continue to trickle in, we will continue to share with you this amazing evening.  A big THANKS to all my fellow outfitters who helped with the evening. Look forward to seeing everyone and then some next year…until then, cheers!

Heather Ewing, Operator/Owner Barker-Ewing River Trips;  www.barker-ewing.com

Board Member, Snake River Fund;  www.snakeriverfund.org

All photos taken by Barker-Ewing’s own Janet Monahan with Legend/husband Bill Guheen’s new birthday camera!  Thanks Janet & Bill!

Thanks for the picture, Jim!


Jim & Robin Clarkson just sent us this awesome “submarine” shot of their whitewater boat plunging through Lunch Counter! They were on our Breakfast Combo Trip in late June during some pretty fun high water! Thanks for sharing!

Janet Monahan, Trip Manager/Bookkeeper Extraordinaire!


Janet Monahan, Trip Manager/Bookkeeper Extraordinaire!

Besides my new lifelong career with Barker-Ewing River Trips, I spend my time with my fabulous husband Bill and my crazy yet endearing labradoodles, Needle and Thread. I love quilting, baking, throwing clay, laughing…and sky diving! I am very much enjoying this great summer on the river!

Jeremy Minor, River Guide


Jeremy Minor, River Guide

I am far from what my last name represents! I love Barker-Ewing so much that I’ve been here for 9 years… Barker-Ewing loves me so much that they keep hiring me back! I’d love to share with you my stories, my expertise and my charm on the river, so request me!